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We'll do a complete check of your used vehicle

Get your oil changed through BlackJack Towing and Repair LLC! Every 5th oil change is FREE!

Call for emergency roadside assistance!



Make the Smart Choice with Your Next Used Vehicle

Before you buy a used vehicle, schedule an appointment with BlackJack Towing and Repair LLC. We can inspect your potential purchase, so that you'll know if there are any issues before you buy! Knowledge is power and we can offer the knowledge you need to make the smartest purchase possible.  "Buyer Beware"


If you are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle and would like to know if there are any issues before you buy it, give us a call today at 715-925-2500.

  • Tires

  • Exhaust

  • Lights

  • Electrical

  • Drive train

  • Heating and cooling system

  • Fluid levels

  • Gauges repaired

  • Damaged suspension

  • Brakes


Contract Snow Plowing

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